"Look at Dave, driving that perfectly pristine 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo," your jealous ex-girlfriend will say of you, assuming you buy this car and your name is Dave. "I should have married him instead. Now I'll never be truly happy in life."

» 7/23/14 8:12pm Yesterday 8:12pm

Depends on where you live. Initial D and the subsequent ERMAGErDMADDORIFTOZ culture emptied a lot of the supply but there are clean cars to be found, usually from older drivers who bought them in the '80s. » 7/22/14 5:55pm Tuesday 5:55pm

The Giants will go win a World Series with him and then sell him off to the Dodgers next season for way more than he's really worth. Everybody wins! » 7/21/14 6:20pm Monday 6:20pm

More bad than a little old lady -owned 740 in the North Bay, less bad than the Volvo 242 turbo that caught fire. Assuming it drives straight and passes the sniff test, buy it. » 7/20/14 3:34am Sunday 3:34am

Used 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E purchased from the local papers in 1994/1995. It lasted ~10 years before developing stalling issues. The car was sold to my cousin's employee (~$1200) who swapped in a new engine and brought it home to Guatemala where it now lives. » 7/16/14 9:08pm 7/16/14 9:08pm

My parents bought a then-new 2004 Toyota Sienna in mid-2003 to replace an aging Mercedes Benz 190E. About six months down the road we find out the Sienna's been recalled for a fuel tank issue and that's fine. My mother makes an appointment, drops the car off, and gets a Cavalier loaner because the 190E's developed a… » 7/15/14 4:53pm 7/15/14 4:53pm