The Toro Rosso kids are impressive, but then again, the rest-of-the-field leaves a little something to be desired so I'm a little hesitant with my praise. I was impressed with Verstappen's racecraft, but he is still very raw. Lots of "Oh shit!" moments that could have gone very wrong (e.g. going off while pitting).… » 3/29/15 6:48am Sunday 6:48am

Take care of your Volvo 240...

...or your girlfriend might leave you for some guy who can actually keep his car in good shape. Of course, that implies that Volvo 240s have flaws, which is completely false. » 3/28/15 3:18am Saturday 3:18am

1987 Integra RS: As Acura said at the time, it was their best result yet. This was before the NSX, so of course it was. Plus it's got HEADLIGHTS THAT GO UP AND HEADLIGHTS THAT GO DOWN. » 3/25/15 2:43am 3/25/15 2:43am

I'll give you 5,000 Forza credits. Please deliver it to the Forza Hub in Nice where I'll paint it hot pink and crash it into a LaFerrari at 125 mph. » 3/16/15 10:33pm 3/16/15 10:33pm